Design UX/UI

"User experience design (UX design, UXD, UED, or XD) is the process of defining the experience a user would go through when interacting with a digital product or website. Design decisions in UX design are often driven by research, data analysis, and test results rather than aesthetic preferences and opinions. Unlike user interface design, which focuses solely on the design of a computer interface, UX design encompasses all aspects of a user's perceived experience with a product or website, such as its usability, usefulness, desirability, brand perception, and overall performance. UX design is also an element of the customer experience (CX), which encompasses all aspects and stages of a customer's experience and interaction with a company."


Create products that offer meaningful and relevant user experiences.

  • User Experience Design & Interaction
  • Interface Design
  • Information Design
  • Visual Communication Design

Project Goals

  • make a comparative analysis on the existing knowledge editor interfaces
  • identify the interaction requirements for the selected case studies
  • concept and design the interfaces for the knowledge editor and query tool
  • test and validate the UI for the implemented tools
  • create explanatory contents